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Classic Car Restoration

Restoring you old car? Have you gotten stuck and need help? Need a little help or a lot?  We are here to help. With years of experience sourcing the most rare and specialized automotive parts, researching, buying and selling some of the most important American and special interest collector cars available, and custom building high performance performance thoroughbreds from the ground-up—even the most complex of restorations is a natural extension of our day to day work.

We at Mechanics On Wheelz, LLC can come to you and help you restore and customize your Classic Car. The result being that, we are thorough, attentive to age appropriate parts, not afraid of challenges, and believe in quality as the very purpose for performing a restoration at all.

We would welcome the chance to help you plan and execute your project.

Whether it’s the car you always wanted when you were in high school, the one you let get away, or the one you’ve kept and waited forever to have done, we can put you in that driver’s seat.  

We Love a Challenge!!!!!