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At Mechanics on Wheelz, our technicians also include welding repair services. Our mobile facility is equipped to handle fabrication, restoration, and refurbishing. which include diesel engine repairs, cracked transmission repairs, car and truck frame modifications and repairs, gas tank repairs, radiator repairs, suspension mount repairs, chassis repairs, bumper repairs, and more. Our mechanics are also skilled in spot welding and seam welding.

If there’s a crack or a break in the automotive components of your vehicle, our mechanics will repair it through our expert welding services. Welding is a fabrication process that joins metals or thermoplastics by melting both materials together and forming a permanent bond through coalescence. Since the original materials are melted back together again, this molten juncture has been known to produce a naturally stronger bond than other similar services. Some cases concerning welding repairs require welding rods, wires, and other various materials to be incorporated into the process as fillers and catalysts for bonding the metals.

Our success with auto welding services comes from years of industry-based knowledge concerning the vehicle manufacturing process. In order to maintain our position as the best in all automotive repair and welding services, our mechanics are always reading up on current automotive manufacturing procedures and materials. Combining modern technology with up-to-date industry knowledge, our mechanics will save you hundreds of dollars with our welding services.